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10 Must-Have Bandanas for Dogs

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Whether you looking to dress your dog in style, or simply prevent a little drool spillage, a dog bandana is always in style. Below are some cute ones for everyday wear or special occasions because, well, why not?

Photo by Yuki Dog on Unsplash

Formal Dog Tuxedo Dog Wedding Bandana with Bow Tie

The Basics: This bandana ties around the neck or you can convert it to a slip over a collar bandana. Available in different sizes, fabrics and patterns.

Why We Love It: It just doesn’t get more adorable than a dog in a tuxedo! But honestly, we love all of the patterns which appropriate for all types of special occasions.

What People are Saying: People say how handsome their dog looks in this fancy bandana -- and even hoomans with very large dogs say it fits perfectly.

Check prices and read reviews here.

Lucy & Co. Designer Dog Bandana

The Basics: Made from high quality breathable 100% cotton, these dog bandanas fit right over your dog’s collar. Two sizes are available: The small fits necks up to 15”, and the large fits necks up to 22”.

Why We Love Them: The styles are soooo cute and range from fancy floral patterns to plaid, and paisley. They even have a seersucker style!

What People are Saying: People comment about the price is higher than other dog bandanas -- but you get what you pay for. They say the quality is excellent and the fit is awesome.

Check prices and read reviews here.

Remy+Roo Dog Bandanas with Unique Shape and Adjustable Fit (4 pack)

The Basics: These bandanas are shaped differently than a typical bandana; It has two long ends so you can easily adjust it to your dog’s neck, and a curved shape to naturally mimic your dog’s neckline. These come as a set of four and are available in two sizes: Small fits dogs from 7-30 lbs and large fits from 30-100 lbs.

Why We Love Them: It’s a smart design and the colors and patterns are artful and pretty. Plus, there’s four of them so you can change up your dog’s look. After all, who wants to wear the same thing every day? ;)

What People are Saying: They like t hat the patterns are different than the typical plaid pattern, and that the quality is better than most.

Check prices and read reviews here.

Classic Plaid Dog Bandana (4 Pack)

The Basics: Whether you call it a bandana, or a “drool bib,” it doesn’t matter: This bandana is reversible, adjustable and washable, and comes in a pack of four: black and white, red, green, and navy.

Why We Love It: You can’t go wrong with classic plaid -- and the fact that you’ll have it four different colors is a bonus.

What People are Saying: Cute, soft and durable are the most commonly used words by people who have bought these for their doggo.

Check prices and read reviews here.

YaoYao Personalized Dog Bandana with Adjustable Collar

The Basics: Have your dog’s name embroidered on these cotton bandanas which are available in sizes small to large and have a a quick release buckle which is knitted and adjustable.

Why We Love Them: We’re suckers for anything personalized, especially when it comes to our doggos! Plus, they make excellent gifts.

What People are Saying: Customers with both small and large dogs talk about well this bandana fits and how cute it looks.

Check prices and read reviews here.

Copper and Co. Dog Bandana with Leather Tag, Grey and White Stripes

The Basics: Made from 100% breathable cotton twill, this dog bandana is double-layered for sturdiness -- but don’t worry: It gets softer with each wash. It features subtle charcoal stripes and a real leather accent. You can choose between two styles: one that slides right over the collar, one you can fold and tie around your dog’s neck.

Why We Love It: This is the Brooks Brothers of dog bandanas: If you’re looking for a classic look and high quality, this is it.

What People are Saying: Some dog owners warn that if your dog is a chewer, the little leather tag may pose a problem. But if your pup is past that stage, then customers say they love this bandana because of its quality and durability.

Check prices and read reviews here.

Pettsie Dog Collar & Bandana & Owner Friendship Bracelet Made with All-Natural Materials

The Basics: While the matching bracelet for the owner is definitely cute, we really love this dog bandana because it’s a two-in-one: It’s both a collar and a bandana, which can easily be removed for washing. But note: This is only available for small and medium dogs.

Why We Love It: The all-natural materials! We love that the collar is made from dual-layer hemp and canvas. And that the bandana and bracelet are made from 100% hemp and cotton.

Check prices and read reviews here.

Odi Style Dog Birthday Bandana (Boy)

The Basics: This bandana is adjustable so it can fits small, medium and large size dogs.

Why We Love It: Why not let the world know when it’s your dog’s birthday?

What People are Saying: Most hoomans talk about the high quality fabric of this bandana, and how much it flatters their dog in photos.

Check prices and read reviews here.

Hecho Dog Birthday Bandana - Girl

The Basics: This pink bandana is perfect way to honor your girl on her big day, whether you’re throwing her a birthday party or just proudly parading around the block. It’s machine washable and fits neck sized 15 - 23 Inches.

Why We Love It: Well, of course we love pink for a girl dog -- but we also like that it’s made from 100% cotton so it’ll be soft around her neck.

What People are Saying: Owners say their fur baby not only looked pretty in this bandana on her birthday, but wasn’t bothered by having it on.

Check prices and read reviews here.

RUBOLD Double-Sided Christmas & New Years Dog Bandanas

The Basics: Don’t leave your dog out of the holiday spirit! This dog bandana is double-sided, with a Merry Christmas message on one side, and a New Years Eve message on the other. Made from soft material and with reinforced stitching, they are availabe in small, medium and large.

Why We Love Them: No folding required! These are already in a triangle shape so you can just tie them around your dog’s neck or collar, and be ready for the holidays!

What People are Saying: Besides the handsome look, customers say the fit is perfect because you can tie it as loosely or tightly as you want.

Check prices and read reviews here.


Full confession: We earn a teeny, tiny commission on the links you see here. Why? To help us stay afloat and keep bringing you the best headscarves the web has to offer. Thank you in advance for your support!

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