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10 of Our Favorite Hijabs

Whether you wear hijabs for religious purposes or just prefer a more modest look, they don’t have to be boring and old-fashioned! Here are ten of our favorite hijabs for everyday wear, exercise, special occasions and more.

Photo by Muhammad Ruqiyaddin on Unsplash

Best for Everyday Wear: Froomer Lace Embroidery Hijab Scarf

The Basics: This cotton poly blend is soft but a little thin so you’ll need an underscarf for full coverage.

Why We Love It: The patterns and embroidery are so pretty! Perfect if you want some visual interest without any gold or sparkle.

What People are Saying: People like these so much that many buy a few in different colors.

Check prices and read reviews here.

Best for a Touch of Elegance: SAFIYA Hijab

The Basics: This sheer navy-blue hijab is made from 100% chiffon, and measures 71” x 30”.

Why We Love It: You can dress it up or down, and it’ll literally go with everything in your closet and you can wear it in all seasons.

What People are Saying: People love that the color is versatile and that it’s machine washable.

Check prices and read reviews here.

Best for a Special Occasion: Lina & Lily Gold Glitter Hijab

The Basics: Available in A variety of gorgeous colors, this hijab has gold shimmer throughout. It’s large and measures 28" x 70" Length so you can use as a scarf, hijab, body wrap, etc.

Why We Love It: This is perfect to wear for a special night out, or to give as a gift.

What People are Saying: People were afraid the gold glitter would be scratchy but were pleasantly surprised when they discovered it’s not. They also like how well it holds up even after a wash in the machine.

Check prices and read reviews here.

Most Flattering: Ababalaya Chiffon Hotfix Rhinestone Hijab

The Basics: Made from a soft chiffon, this hijab covers both the head and upper chest and a snap closure.

Why We Love It: The assymetical cut is super flattering and always in style.

What People are Saying: People absolutely love the way this hijab feels, and the fact that it has snaps.

Check prices and read reviews here.

Best for a Party: Middle Eastern Mall Aiyah Amira One-Piece Hijab

The Basics: Mostly made of a soft and silky polyester, this hijab has Lyrca in it to provide a bit of stretch. It’s accented with over 500 2mm aurora borealis rhinestones.

Why We Love It: Who doesn’t love wearing a little bling to a party? Plus, it’s a pullover and because of the stretch, requires no pinning to stay put.

What People are Saying: Newbies love this because you can just slide it on and everyone appreciates the variety of colors.

Check prices and read reviews here.

Best for Sports: Nike PRO Hijab 2.0 L

The Basics: Made by Nike, this hijab uses dri-fit technology to wick away sweat and has a fitted ban that goes around your head. Available only in black, it features the classic Nike “swoosh” icon.

Why We Love It: Duh. It’s Nike so quality is bar none.

What People are Saying: Some complain about the lack of colors options, but almost everyone says it stays in place during activity.

Check prices and read reviews here.

Best for a Night Out: Super iMan Cotton Jersey Hijab Scarf Wrap with Glittering Rhinestones

The Basics: This all-cotton hijab is as soft as it looks and come in a wide range of colors. If you order two or more, they include a gift of a brooch!

Why We Love It: The gold details are just right to add some interest without being over-the-top, and the colors are vibrant (especially the royal blue!)

What People are Saying: They really the way it’s made, as well as the gold embellishments but warn that they can come off easily so hand wash only.

Check prices and read reviews here.

Best Subtle Details: Middle Eastern Mall Luxor Amira Hijab 2-Piece Headscarf

The Basics: Made from a Lycra fabric, this hijab is in two pieces: A tube hijab cap for holding back hair, and a hood for covering the head and neck. It has a 1" wide sequin trim around the hemline and forehead.

Why We Love It: The pretty detail around the edges adds flair without being flashy, and it’s opaque but not see through because of the matte finish.

What People are Saying: People really like the y beautiful, material and design.

Check prices and read reviews here.

Best for Sun Protection: Coolibar Women's Tadleela Swim Hijab

The Basics: Made from breathable, quick-dry fabric, this hijab offers are UPF 50+ and is chlorine and saltwater resistant -- but it is not waterproof.

Why We Love It: Although there are only three colors available, we love them all, especially the light blue which is perfect for the beach!

Check prices and read reviews here.

Best for Swimming: TianMaiGeLun Hijab Swimwear for Full Coverage

The Basics: This is a three-piece suit with a long sleeve top, pants and detachable hijab. There is a tie from the top to the pants to keep the top from riding up while swimming.

Why We Love It: Even though it’s only available in blue or pink, the style is on trend and timeless. It also has a very detailed sizing chart which makes purchasing easier.

Check prices and read reviews here.

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