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10 Pre-Tied Headscarves and Bandanas for Women

We know it can be difficult to learn how to tie a headscarf or bandana properly, so sometimes it may be best to go the easy route: No tying at all! These headscarves are all pre-tied so you can just slip them on and go:

Bandana-Style Pre Tied Head Scarf (3)

The Basics: Made from 100% cotton, this headscarf has the appearance of a bandana but is pre-tie for easy slip on and off, and have an inner elastic to ensure it stays put.

Why We Love It: Tying a bandana in this style ain’t that easy? We like just putting this on and being done with it. Plus, you can’t go wrong with three bandanas for that price!

What People are Saying: Women love that they keep them cool and stay in place, even at night.

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Ashford & Brooks Pre Tied Head Scarf

The Basics: Made from a lightweight polyester with a bit of stretch, this headscarf is pre-tied with elastic construction. Double side ties drape down your shoulder or back.

Why We Love It: The style is classic but the colors and patterns are just GORGEOUS. They’re so original and have such a great variety.

What People are Saying: People love everything about it - the colors, the fabric, the material and even that you can wash it in the machine.

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The Abbey Cap in Ruffle Fabric

The Basics: This turban is one of the most reviewed headscarves on Amazon and we understand why: They’re stylish and look less like a turban than a fashionable headscarf. There’s no tying -- you just slip it on and go. Note: You can get the Abbey Cap in a other fabrics as well such as cotton knit, sweater polyknit and velour.

Why We Love It: It’ll fit any size head! The base has a stretchy elastic to make it a snug fit, and it’s shirred on sides to add height and volume.

What People are Saying: Many reviewers going through chemotherapy mentioned how good it felt to wear these, and how the back ruffles add height to make it seem as if there is hair underneath.

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ShariRose Boho Chic Headscarf with Versatile Wrap

The Basics: This adjustable pre-tied headscarf is easy to tie: Simply take small ties, and tie in a knot to your desired fit. But it has a secret: You can get multiple looks and it’s still that as easy to tie.

Why We Love It: This headscarf has one of the most innovative designs we’ve seen and you can tie it in all sorts of ways.

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Love Lakeside Unisex Pre-tied Cotton Bandana

The Basics: Made from 100% cotton, these look like classic durags or bandanas -- but there’s no tying required.

Why We Love Them: We’re always down with a way to save time and energy so being able to slip this on and achieve the same look is a huge plus.

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ShariRose Headscarf with Extra Long Versatile Wrap

The Basics: This is a 100% cotton, pre-tied headscarf with one major difference: It has extra-long ties that can be worn many ways, including, a bun, braid, side bow!

Why We Love It: That braid is just so fun, how could we not want it? But the truth is, all of ShariRose’s headscarves are pretty great.

What People are Saying: People say how comfortable this headscarf is, and how much they love how many styles they can get from this one piece.

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Luckystaryuan Pre-Tied Jersey Headscarf (3)

The Basics: Made from a soft, breathable polyester, you just pull on this headscarf and voila! One and done.

Why We Love It: It’s so soft and comfortable that it can be worn 24/7.

What People are Saying: People rave about the softness of the material, and the versatility of being able to wear it anywhere.

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Long Hair Scarf by FocusCare

The Basics: Made from Bamboo viscose and a little bit of Spandex, this pre-tied headscarf is lightweight and stretchy, and comes about a million different colors and patterns. Designed to provide total head coverage, it slips on and then you can tie the long ties in a multitude of ways.

Why We Love It: Thanks to a special “wrinkling” design, this scarf makes it look full in the back, which is especially useful if you have little to no hair.

What People are Saying: We won’t even try to rewrite what people are saying because this woman says it all: “I have 5 other beanie type head covers but these by far are THE SOFTEST, BEST FITTING & STYLISH of them all, hands down!”

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Women's Pre-Tied Bandana with Embellishments by Holiberty

The Basics: Made of of a soft, stretchy polyester, this slip on bandana is one-size-fits-all and is completely Pre-tied.

Why We Love It: The touch of bling is the perfect way to jazz up any headscarf! We’re also partial to the black color.

Read reviews and check prices.

Check prices and read reviews.

Pre-Tied Floral Head Scarf for Women by Qovelly

The Basics: Made from 100% breathable and lightweight cotton, these headscarves are easy to slip on and off, thanks to a thin elastic around the edge.

Why We Love It: Flowers are just so fun and flirty -- and in just one purchase we get three of them! (BUT if flowers aren’t your thing, there are several other patterns to choose from that are just as nice.)

What People are Saying: People love how comfy and soft they are, and that there’s no slippage.

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