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Best 100% Cotton Headscarves and Bandanas

Whether you have allergies or just like to wear super soft things against your skin, you can’t go wrong with cotton. Here are some of our favorites - and as we discover new ones, we’ll add them here.

Photo credit: Pixabay

ShariRose Pre-Tied Cotton Headwear

The Basics: Available in 30 different colors, this headscarf is made from 100% pure cotton. It is pre-tied so no tying required.

Why We Love Them: The boho chic look is always in style, and we love that you can wear these with or without a lot of hair.

What People are Saying: People say they’re exceedingly soft and comfy. One person also said it’s as easy to put on as a ball cap.

Read reviews and check prices here.

ARMYU Trainmen Paisley Jumbo Military Bandana (6-Pack)

The Basics: This is an extra-large version of the classic bandanna. Available in packs of six, they’re made from 100% cotton and soften after every wash.

Why We Love Them: These are an excellent update to the classic bandana, making them super easy to tie in almost any style you want.

What People are Saying: Reviewers agree that the bigger size makes them easy to tie and are big enough to cover your face if you want. They also love that they’re 100% cotton and made in the USA.

Read reviews and check prices here.

Harewom Cotton Hair Wrap

The Basics: These hair wraps are light and airy since they’re made from 100% cotton. At 71''x 32”, they are very long -- meaning you can wrap them in all kinds of creative ways -- as a headscarf, a hair wrap, a hijab, etc.

Why We Love It: The length makes this all about flexibility so you can find a way to wear that suits you most.

What People are Saying: People love the length and stretchiness, and that it’s not heavy.

Read reviews and check prices here.

MANSHU Soft Scarf Shawl Long Scarf and Wrap (4 pieces)

The Basics: Made from cotton and hemp, they’re super soft and lightweight. At 35.5” x 70.9", they’re wide and long enough to be tied any which way you want.

Why We Love Them: You can’t beat the price for four of these, and the colors are classic (beige, white, brown and taupe) so you can wear them with anything and you’ll have them for a long time to come.

What People are Saying: Some say the colors are a tad different in person (some are more muted; some are darker) but it doesn’t seem to matter since, by far, the majority of people rave about their soft and luxurious feel.

Read reviews and check prices here.

T&Z 100% Cotton Bandanas (10 pack)

The Basics: Made from 100% cotton, each one measures 22" by 22" and there are 10 in a pack! They’re machine washable and the seller says the colors won’t fade or bleed.

Why We Love Them: You can’t go wrong with a classic bandana, especially when it comes I all of these colors: tie dye, pink, grey, green, yellow, royal blue, red, black, purple, and camouflage.

What People are Saying: Almost everyone says they are exactly what you’d expect: A cotton bandana but the quality is better than most.

Read reviews and check prices here.

Utini Cotton Fringed Scarves

The Basics: Measuring 70” x 40”, these scarves are made from 100% cotton and are large enough to tie on your head in a variety of ways.

Why We Love Them: Such a pretty pattern and colors! But they have many others that you can find here

Read reviews and check prices here..

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