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100% Silk Headscarves for Sleeping

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Experts agree that sleeping on silk means waking up with less frizz, fewer tangles and can help keep hair healthy. As Good Housekeeping explains, “Cotton is more porous than silk, so traditional pillowcases absorb moisture from your hair, while silk leaves that hydration right where it belongs: in your hair. That means if you suffer from dry strands or a flaky scalp, a silk pillowcase will be a godsend.”

It wasn’t easy, but we searched and found several beautiful headscarves made from 100% silk. They’re large enough for full head coverage and many even have non-slip features.

Dahlia 100% Luxury Long Silk Scarf - Van Gogh's Art Collection

The Basics: Made from 100% silk, these scarves are extra long so you can easily tie them as a headscarf or headband since they measure 5.75" W x 62.5" L.

Why We Love Them: The collection features original artwork by well-known artists – including Van Gogh’s Starry, Starry Night, which happens to be on our favorite pieces of art of all time.

What People are Saying: Many have commented about the brilliant colors in this scarf, and how it's even more beautiful in person!

Check price and read reviews on Amazon

voguey 100% Pure Silk Head Scarf with Hand Rolling Edge

The Basics: This scarf measures 35” x 35” and the seller literally guarantees their products are made from 100% real silk.

Why We Love It: The bold patterns and rich colors! We particular love the Whiteblue Twill Silk patter and Whitecream.

What People are Saying: Reviewers say the colors are rich and vibrant, and it’s great size for wrapping and protecting hair.

Read reviews and check prices here.

TONY AND CANDICE Women's Graphic Print 100% Silk, Silk Scarf Square, 33X33 Inches

The Basics: Made from 100% luxurious 8-momme Charmeuse Satin Silk, at 33x33 Inches, you can use it as a headscarf, shawl or hijab. Just don’t put in the washing machine or dryer! Hand wash in lukewarm water only.

Why We Love It: How soft and luxurious it is against the skin and that is has a tiny bit of elasticity so it stays put. Plus, the patterns are elegant: we particularly love the Café Oil Painting Pattern Print and the Pink Flowers Print.

What People are Saying: Several reviewers say the pictures don’t do it justice! Others say that although it's slippery, if you tie it tight, it’ll stay on all night and still others did actual “burn” tests to prove that it’s real silk -- and it passed.

Read reviews and check prices here.

Vimate 100% Silk Scarf -

The Basics: This scarf is excellent to wear while you sleep to protect your hairstyle – but the patterns are so pretty you’ll probably wear them during the day, too! These headscarves are made from 100% mulberry silk that is breathable, lightweight and gauzy. At 35”x 35,” they can be wrapped or tied however you want. But note that since it is silk, it is hand wash or dry clean only.

Why We Love It: The artful patterns! Several of the designs remind us of Monet – and that’s on purpose. Vimate says that their brand name implies “artistic,” “beautiful” and “unique,” and their unique digital printing process means their colors are vibrant and true to what you see in the photos.

What People are Saying: Reviewers say this headscarf is perfect for wrapping your hair at night, and it’s large enough to hold a lot of hair, and keeps curls frizz free.

Read reviews and check prices here.

Savena 100% Mulberry Silk Night Sleeping Cap (Ebook Included

The Basics: This looks like a headscarf but it’s actually a cap specifically designed for sleeping. Made from 100% mulberry silk, it’s lightweight, breathable, very soft, smooth and comfortable.

Why We Love It: Goodbye, bedhead! This may not be the sexiest headscarf in the world but it WORKS and its elastic band ensures it stays on all night long. Plus, you can machine wash it in delicate cycle with cold water.

What People are Saying: People say this sleeping cap seriously reduced end breakage and dryness. They also say the elastic is helpful in keeping it stay put without digging into your forehead.

Read reviews and check prices here.

Mulberry Park Silk Headscarf

The Basics: Made from 100% Pure Mulberry Long Strand Silk and OEKO-TEX Certified (Standard 100), it's free of chemicals and naturally dyed. It's only available in solid black or white but you can machine wash it.

Why We Love It: It’s all about function, especially if you have a lot of hair. It’s also super large -- 36” x 36”!.

What People are Saying: Reviewers comment on the large size of this headscarf -- so much so that people with short hair say it's too much.

Read reviews and check prices here.

Cyzlann 100% Silk Long Lightweight Scarfs for women

The Basics: Made from 100% silk, this scarf measures 71” x 35” and is lightweight and thin, but not sheer.

Why We Love It: Their extensive selection of solid colors and gradients and good quality -- all for under $15!

What People are Saying:The word “beautiful” comes up a lot in reviews from customers, as does the lightweight fabric and neatly stitched hem.

Read reviews and check prices here.


Full confession: We earn a teeny, tiny commission on the links you see here. Why? To help us stay afloat and keep bringing you the best headscarves the web has to offer. Thank you in advance for your support!

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