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Best Boho Head Wraps, Headbands and Headscarves

Boho chic look will never go out of fashion. Whether you call yourself a hippie or want a laid-back vibe, these 60s-inspired head wraps, headbands and headscarves are a must for yoga, hiking, gardening, running errands or hanging out at a festival.

Image by silviarita from Pixabay

Charm Hippie Knot Head Scarf

The Basics: Made from a soft rayon that has some stretch to it, this headwrap in the shape of a tube and can be worn as a headscarf, a turban, a headband, as a beanie or even as a neckscarf.

Why We Love It: This has to be THE most versatile style of headwrap we’ve found yet! The shape and style lends itself to the most looks. Plus, we love the choice of tie dyed colors.

What People are Saying: People love the quality and the vibrant colors, and those with a lot of hair say they love it because it actually fits and stays put.

Read reviews and check prices.

Lamdgbway Cotton Headwrap

The Basics: Made from 100% cotton, this headband is large to style as a bandana or headcarf. It’s sweat-absorbent, soft and a bit stretchy.

Why We Love It: Four different tie dyed headwraps in one set? We’re sold!

Read reviews and check prices.

Tie Dye Winter Bandanas

The Basics: Designed for warmth in cold weather, these bandanas are lined with polar fleece and come in a variety of fabric options. Fully reversible, too!

Why We Love Them: We particularly like the Shades of Purple and Shades of Red (red pictured here) because they're a more artistic take on typical tie dye.

$19.99 on Etsy

CHARM Tie-Dye Boho Hippie Bandana

The Basics: Each of these headwraps are individually tie dyed and has an elastic band in the back so you can slip it on with ease. Made from viscose rayon fabric that keeps you cool in summer and warm on colder days.

Why We Love It: This is the definition of hippie cool, and the possibilities are endless when it comes to styling since it has long tails that that are about 21 to 22 inches long.

What People are Saying: Many people say the colors are deeper than what you see in the photos -- which is probably because they’re hand-dyed so each one varies a bit. To us, that’s a good thing!

Read reviews and check prices.

Motique Accessories Stretchy Boho Headwrap

The Basics: Made from 100% cotton, this is a cross between a bandana and a headband. It is one-size-fits all and has elastic back.

Why We Love It: This headwrap is the definition of laid-back ease. Just slip on this headband to instantly get the look of a bandana -- no tying or fussing involved!

What People are Saying: People love the stretchiness and that it can be worn on the head or around the neck.

Read reviews and check prices.

Huachi 3-in-1 Boho Headband

The Basics: Made from a soft polyester, this headband wicks sweat away and can be worn folded over for a narrower look, stretch it out full-width to cover most of your head, or as a scrunchy to pull back your hair.

Sold in a set of six.

Why We Love It: While we like all the patterns that come in this set, we’re especially in love with the vintage floral patterns!

What People are Saying: People like its flexibility and that it stays in place, even while working out.

Read reviews and check prices.

CHARM Tie-Dye Headband Bandana

The Basics: This is a stretchy, easy-to-wear headband that can be styled as a bandana, headwrap or neckscarf. Like the other headscarves by Charm, they are made from a soft viscose that’s light and breathable. (See the whole line here.)

Why We Love Them: Not only do they look cool, but we love that they were designed designed in Japan and made ethically in Thailand.

What People are Saying: People say it’s soft, not too tight, and the quality is high.

Read reviews and check prices.


Full confession: We earn a teeny, tiny commission on the links you see here. Why? To help us stay afloat and keep bringing you the best headscarves the web has to offer. Thank you in advance for your support!

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