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Best Long Head Wraps for Women

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Head wraps are usually longer and narrower than the typical headscarf. They have an interesting history rooted in African culture where, depending on how “they are styled, may represent wealth, ethnicity, marital status, mourning or reverence.” Today, many women all over the world wear them for all kinds of reasons -- including just for style. Here are some of our favorite head wraps for both function and fashion.

Photo by Oladimeji Odunsi on Unsplash

L'VOW Long Head Wrap

The Basics: This classic African head wrap is a 3-in-1: A wrap, turban, and scarf. There are solid colors and patterns to choose from, but they vary in length: Solid colors are 63” x 32” and the prints 68” x 21”.

Why We Love Them: The patterns and colors are vibrant, and we like that these are semi-stretchy.

What People are Saying: People say this wraps and tucks easily and it’s long enough to tie in a variety of ways, especially for those who have dreadlocks.

Read reviews and check prices here.

Olivia Stretch Jersey Urban Headwrap

The Basics: Made with 100% polyester jersey, this head wrap is incredibly soft and lightweight, available in a variety of bold and beautiful colors, from red to denim. They’re 67” long, and machine washable.

Why We Love Them: We’re total suckers for anything made from jersey since it’s always the most comfortable fabric to wear.

What People are Saying: Clearly we’re not the only ones who love this material: Majority of customers say how much they love how these head wraps feel!

Read reviews and check prices here.

MCYSKK 100% Cotton Traditional African Bazin Riche Wax Print Head Wrap

The Basics: Made from 100% cotton, this headwrap is extra-long at 72” x 22” and printed with African bazin riche wax.

Why We Love It: Three words: Authentic, durable and classy.

What People are Saying: Reviewers say they love it -- but that it’s a little stiff at first and needs to be broken in.

Read reviews and check prices here.

Harewom Extra Long Hairwrap

The Basics: These hair wraps are light and airy since they’re made from cotton. At 71''x 32”, they are extra long -- meaning you can wrap them in all kinds of creative ways -- as a headscarf, a hair wrap, a hijab, etc.

Why We Love It: The length makes this all about flexibility so you can find a way to wear that suits you most.

What People are Saying: People love the length and stretchiness, and that it’s not heavy.

Read reviews and check prices here.

Chien Mom and Baby African Headwrap (2 pack)

The Basics: A cute way for mom and baby to match, this headwrap is made from 100% African wax cotton and comes as a set with one adult-size headwrap (20” x 70”), and one baby-sized headwrap (10” x 35”).

Why We Love Them: The huge variety of colors and patterns! We also love that they aren’t a mass producer. They say that they only carry small quantities and, because of this, some items sell out quickly.

What People are Saying: Moms are saying how well this headwraps fits their newborns, and that the fabric is high in quality.

Read reviews and check prices here.

Bobibi Tube Scarf Headwrap

The Basics: Made mostly from polyester with a bit of Spandex for stretch, this tube scarf/headwrap has a cap on one end, and a long tube on the other that you can tie and fold in a number of ways.

Why We Love Them: Because of its smart and versatile shape, and the excellent range of contemporary patterns and colors to choose from.

What People are Saying: Many like that it goes on like a hat and you can wrap it however you like. They also like that it’s soft and comfortable to wear.

Read reviews and check prices here.

ACRABROS Extra, Extra Long Urban Hairwrap

The Basics: At 79” x 32, this is the longest head wrap we found.

Why We Love Them: Although only four classic colors are available, we want ‘em all: Black, brown, blue and purple.

What People are Saying: These are popular because they’re large, comfortable and you can do anything with them.

Read reviews and check prices here.


Full confession: We earn a teeny, tiny commission on the links you see here. Why? To help us stay afloat and keep bringing you the best headscarves the web has to offer. Thank you in advance for your support!

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