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Best Multipurpose "Magic" Face Mask Bandanas

Bandanas that double as face masks, balaclavas or neck gaiters are incredibly useful -- so much so that they've been dubbed "magical." With just one product, you can wear them for all kinds of purposes -- gardening, running, hiking, biking, and even to help protect yourself from coronavirus. Below, we’ve found some great ones that are lightweight, wick away sweat, and have interesting designs.

Photo by j k on Unsplash

Face Bandana by SAMEFAR -- Starry, Starry Night

The Basics: This non-slip face bandana is made from a polyester that is soft, breathable and wicks away moisture. It’s thin and lightweight so you won’t feel smothered.

Why We Love It: Van Gogh is one of our favorite artists and we love any excuse to show off his work.

What People are Saying: People love the entire line from Samefar because of its prints and high-quality fabric. Check prices, read reviews and see their whole line of face mask bandanas here.

FAYBOX Magic Headbands

The Basics: Made from 100% quick-dry microfiber, this can be worn as a headband, headwrap, facemask, or wristband. It’s lightweight, breathable and are sold in packs of 5, 6 or 9 pieces.

Why We Love It: We love the classic paisley bandana patterned ones – but there are solid colors to choose from as well.

What People are Saying: People love the designs and say they’re durable, comfortable and versatile for wearing on your head or as a protective covering for your face.

Read reviews and check price here

Sojourner 12-in-1 Multifunctional for Music Festivals, Raves, Riding, Outdoors (9 pieces)

The Basics: Made from 100% Premium microfiber that wicks, these are stretchable and each pack includes a variety of colors masks has a variety of colors and patterns.

Why We Love Them: You can’t go wrong with classic camouflage! But we also like that they’re light as a feather at 1.12 ounces/each) and extremely compact.

What People are Saying: People like that they’re unisex so the whole family can wear them, and several people commented that the customer service is excellent.

Read reviews and check price here.

Doerix Bandana Face Mask

The Basics: Made from soft and breathable polyester, this face mask bandana is lightweight, no-slip and stretchable. Sold as a pack of two, you can wear it as a headband, scarf, half face mask, neck gaiter, wrist band, head wrap, balaclava, bonnet, neckerchief and so on for various activities.

Why We Love It: This one is a little more expensive than others we found, but quality matters: These have upgraded stitched edges to prevent fraying and rolling up, as well as a thicker and wider circumference than most.

What People are Saying: People like the designs and that comes in a small, closable plastic pouch that is small enough to pack in a pocket or purse.

Read reviews and check price here.

TERNNK Seamless Shield Scarf Bandana

The Basics: Made from 100% microfiber, these face mask bandanas are non-slip and can be worn as a headband, cap, beanie, neck gaiter, wind or dust screen, balaclava, pirate-style cap, scarf or a helmet liner.

Why We Love It: Three words: 12. Month. Warranty. If you’re not satisfied with the quality, they’ll replace or refund you up to a year! Also, we can’t resist the modern camouflage pattern.

What People are Saying: This multi-purpose scarf is what appeals to most customers, as well as the fact that it’s comfortable, breathable and stretchy.

Read reviews and check price here.

Uherebuy Thermal Face Scarf

The Basics: Specifically designed to be worn in cool weather, it has a double layer of polyester that is warm and windproof. Can be worn for all winter activities such as sports, hiking, fishing, running, skiing, hunting, motorcycle, cycling, mountain climbing or many other outdoor activities.

Why We Love It: The subdued patterns and solid colors are timeless, and will go with anything in your closet.

What People are Saying: Most people rave about how warm they are when wearing these in the winter and during cold-weather activities like hunting and doing barn chores.

Read reviews and check price here.

Ternk Vivid 3D Skull Face Mask Bandana Headwear

The Basics: Made from a polyester microfiber, this face mask is thin and lightweight but warm breathable and won’t make you feel smothered. You can wear it over your whole face, or roll it down to sit below your eyes.

Why We Love It: Sure, many may think the skull face is creepy but we think it’s interesting and different (as long as you don’t scare the heck out of your neighbor!) They’d also make a great last-minute Halloween costume :)

What People are Saying: The graphics are a huge draw, but so is the breathable material.

Read reviews and check price here.

Six11 Galaxy Face Mask Bandana

The Basics: Made from a lightweight and breathable microfiber that’s super stretchy so it’ll fit most head sizes including adult and children.

Why We Love It: The galaxy pattern is fun and because it’s digitally printed, it won’t fade.

What People are Saying: People say that the quality is good and material is soft.

Read reviews and check prices.

Outdoor Magic Headband Elastic Bandana Scarf by ToesHome (Set of 6)

The Basics: Made from a stretchy and soft polyester, this scarf is breathable and wicks sweat away. Can be worn as neck gaiter, bandana, balaclava, mask, wind blocker or protection from the elements.

Why We Love It: These are sold as a set of 6 and we totally love all of the options for colors and patterns! But we most partial towards the Boho collection.

What People are Saying: People love the fabric and say that they’re using these all the time -- when working out and for protection during the coronavirus.

Read reviews and check prices.


Full confession: We earn a teeny, tiny commission on the links you see here. Why? To help us stay afloat and keep bringing you the best headscarves the web has to offer. Thank you in advance for your support!

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