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Celebrities Who Love Headscarves

Not that we need the validation, but celebrities are wearing headscarves, bandanas, durags and hijabs more than ever before. Here are just some of them.

Alicia Keys is naturally beautiful in anything she wears, but we especially love it when she wears a headscarf.

Axl Rose has long been known for his ninja-style headscarf:

Steven Tyler is probably the most creative when it comes to headscarves, wearing them in a variety of ways -- and even tying them to his micrphone.

When Jennifer Lopez wears a headscarf or bandana, she's channeling her inner Jenny from the Block, that's for sure!

Ashley Judd often gets creative when she wears headscarves.

From the time Madonna first started out, she's been having fun with headscarves.

Bey is one of our biggest inspirations when it comes to headscarves since she's not afraid to wear them in a variety of ways and show off bold colors and patterns.