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Dogs Who Love Bandanas

These dogs look good in bandanas -- and they know it.

Photo credit: Pixabay

Our #1 favorite look! Doesn't get better than a silver pittie channeling her inner Rosie Riveter.

This dog would look gorgeous in anything, but the red bandana with the "leather" jacket completes the look.

Photo by Pirate Cat on Unsplash

This is how you match your dog's coat with a bandana -- and you can never go wrong with a black, red and white color combo.

We love it when owners match their outfits with their dog's!

This guy might need a bigger bandana....!

The blue bandana brings out the brown in this dog's eyes, which are a window to his/her soul.

Photo byMegan S.onUnsplash

All-American doggo!

Photo byMegan S.onUnsplash


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