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Best Headscarves and Durags for Men

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Whether you're working out, playing sports, or just want a laid back look, headscarves and durags are great for guys. We scoured Amazon to find headscarves for men with the most -- and best -- reviews.

CCHARM Headband Bandana Japanese Style

The Basics: This headband bandana is very versatile and is made from 90% silky Viscose with 10% Spandex for added elasticity. It was designed in Osaka, Japan and made by a family-run manufacturer in Bali. It best fits head sizes of 21.2 to 23.2 inches (54 to 59 cm). The material keeps your head cool and wicks away sweat.

Why We Love It: It has cool factor that oozes confidence! Whether you want to look like a sexy hippie or a strong street fighter, this unisex headscarf can be worn in a variety of styles.

What People are Saying: An overwhelming number of people have raved that this bandana is comfortable and easy to tie, and how great they are for holding back hair and absorbing sweat.

Read reviews and check prices here.

Harley-Davidson Men's Engulfed Flaming Skull Head Wrap

The Basics: Made by Harley-Davidson, this is skull cap that looks like a bandana -- requires no tying. The fabric wicks moisture (sweat) away from your head and ties you can tighten for a snug fit.

Why We Love It: Duh. Harley Davidson!

What People are Saying: Many people say they wear this head wrap while riding motorcycles because it fits comfortably, ties nicely -- and great graphics to boot.

Read reviews and check prices.

CHARM Pirate Bandana Head Scarf

The Basics: This is a slip-on headscarf made from 100% cotton. It has a rear elastic that can be narrowed to form a head band shape, or widened to cover the entire head. Designed in Japan, one size fits all and the approximate dimensions when flat are 20.5” long and 6.7” wide.

Why We Love It: The slouchy look is casual – but it can also be pulled tied tighter for a classic bandana look.

What People are Saying: Reviewers say they love the stretch in this headscarf, how lightweight it is, and how much the fabric breathes.

Read reviews and check prices here.

Ergodyne Chill Its 6615 Dew Rag

The Basics: Made from fabric that wicks away moisture quickly to keep sweat out of your eyes.

Why We Love It: The fabric can’t be beat and, although limited in colors and patterns, the ones they have run the gamut from solids to flames and skulls.

What People are Saying: People say this is a “must have” in hot weather because it’s so absorbent. Some comment about how tight the elastic is -- but that’s why it’s perfect for windy conditions and working out.

Read reviews and check prices here.

Hot Leathers HWL1008 Leather Head Wrap

The Basics: Made from genuine leather, this brown head wrap has a built-in sweatband and ties In Back. One size fits most.

Why We Love It: The distressed look is really cool, giving it a lived-in look.

What People are Saying: Two of the most repeated phrases from reviewers are “good fit” and “well made.” Bikers say them like this headwrap to wear on its own or under a helmet.

Read reviews and check prices here.

OutdoorEssentials Cooling Helmet Liners

The Basics: Sold in a pack of four, these are slip-on headscarves that can be worn under a helmet or on its own. Made with 89% polyester 11% spandex blend, it absorbs sweat, and wicks moisture out of your face. They come in basic colors: black, gray, navy and white.

Why We Love It: You can’t beat the price! It works out to be about $3 per headscarf.

What People are Saying: Even though there’s no sweat band, reviewers say it still keeps the sweat from going into their eyes and that it dries fast. They also love the variety of colors.

Read reviews and check prices here.

QING Sweat Wicking Beanie Cap Hat

The Basics: These slip-on beanies are made from breathable material with a bit of stretch. Sold in a pack of 4, they are machine washable.

Why We Love Them: They’re a steal, and that they’re suitable for a variety of purposes – under helmets, baseball caps, etc. They can also be worn by people with sensitive scalps.

What People are Saying: Reviewers say these are super comfortable, fit well and the colors don’t fade even after many washings.

Read reviews and check prices here.

Full confession: We earn a teeny, tiny commission on most of the links you see here. Why? To help us stay afloat and keep bringing you the best headscarves the web has to offer. Thank you in advance for your support!

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