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Hijab Fashion We Adore

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Whether you wear a hijab for religious purposes or because it's now in fashion, creating a full look is a must! Below, we've chosen our favorite overall looks where the hijabs and clothing sing in perfect harmony. #hijab#hijabfashion

Could she be any more beautiful with this silk hijab and neutral colors that show off her gorgeous skin?

Striking color combination that's bold -- but not over the top. We also love how she's twisted the ends to make it look like a long braid.

Sophisticated, chic, elegant.

Such a long and lean look, thanks to bling along the neckline to break up all the black. Plus, we always love pants under a dress, with high heels!

A match made in heaven: A coral colored hijab with coral tinted lip color.

Wearing a head-to-toe look in the same hue is a sure way to say sophistication.

We're always fans of all black, but the white piping is very in style and adds flair.

A simple accessory like sunglasses can be so complimentary to a hijab!

The colors, the splashes of print and the way she has draped over her shoulder is almost artful.

Love the texture of this hijab and the smashing color combination of her red lip color and the dark green fabric!


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