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How to Tie a Bandana, Headscarf, Durag, Tichel, Hijab and More

Updated: Apr 17

If you don’t know how to tie a bandana or a headscarf, don’t worry! It's easy once you learn -- and it’s actually the number one question we get from our website users so you're not alone. We've rounded up the most useful how-to videos that demonstrate how to tie scarves in many different ways:

Watch below for how to tie a bandana in a classic way, or you can find step-by-step instructions here.

Another great lesson in how to tie a bandana -- and clearly other people agree: This video has over 2 million views! In it, he shows how to tie a classic paisley bandana so that it fits snugly against the head, and he has a unique way of rolling the edges and creating a long tie in the back. He even has a specific bandana song in the background!

Learn how to fold a classic bandana into a durag -- in one minute flat!

Here's how to tie a durag (doorag) featuring rapper A$AP Ferg and it has more than 3 million views! If you want step-by-step directions, GQ magazine interviewed him and wrote a detailed guide here.

Here's how to tie a bandana into a headband:

Got short hair? Here’s how to tie a bandana and channel your inner Rosie Riveter:

5 ideas for how to tie a bandana, including how to style your hair for each one:

If you're into Kylie Jenner, here's how she ties her bandana:

Get three different ways to tie a square headscarf: Like Jackie O did, or as turban, or with a top knot:

Learn how to a headscarf as a tichel, a modest look many married Orthodox Jewish women use to cover their hair. She shows three different but very simple ways to do it:

Geared towards newbies, here’s how to easily tie the basic hijab into a “triangle” scarf using a square piece of fabric:

And here's an easy method for tying a scarf into an easy knot hijab:

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